Buttons that say "Yes, please" should be "Yes".
"No, thanks" should be "No".
"Not now" should be "Never".
I am using software, not talking to people, there's no need to be nice.

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    Conversational UI my friend. Not everybody's a robot.
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    "Not now" pisses me off the most because it’s not just a polite version of "No" or "Never". It’s semantically a different meaning.

    MS: "Would you like to start a trial period for Office 360?"
    * Yes
    * Not now

    Fuck you, MS!
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    But..... marketing?
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    @Lensflare but sometimes i do like 'not now' when i first want to test something out and later get to the setup page again.

    Obviously when apps are using it to ask for money its annoying.
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    feels like it's relevant here.
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    Yeah the "not now" button always annoys me. It means, "no biggie if you say no; we’ll be coming back to get you later"
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    They're trying to create cognitive dissonance to manipulate you
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    "Not Now" is the most passive aggressive button ever. It tells me the company who made that hates the customer and intend to force shit on them against their will. This is technical rape.

    Maybe we need to rethink cyber laws regarding forced entry into spaces that people own: computers (any type). This is a violation of personal property, and if serious enough, a violation of their person. If castle doctrine were to be applied to this violation this might get technical vendors' collective attention.
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    Shhh you don't own things just rent licenses to be able to experience them
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    “No thanks, I’ll skip on this great opportunity!”
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    Agree on that most of the times however when asking for a reboot or something is a valid case to use not now and be asked later.
    I would still argue that a postpone with some control is way better.
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