Coding PHP that prints JS that prints HTML and hating myself and everyone who sets “requirements”.

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    I had this exact same issue as well as iframes within iframes within iframes in the end we spent a year rewriting our application, now all HTML/CSS/JS/PHP are separated and there is no iframe in sight :)
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    you haven't truly experienced being a developer until you've had to do something like this
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    hmm. i have seen PHP mysql ( not even MySQLi ) queries where there was no escaping, cleaning, direct call to $_POST and actual root credentials inside a CSS file, using a pretty nasty hack in .htaccess to work, once on a live site.

    needless to say, i promtly denied to "patch" that and suggested a complete rewrite right there..
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    root in a CSS file? what
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    @rozzzly yup. one thing is PHP code a CSS file.

    another is unencrypted credentials like that ... :D
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