I started learning WordPress out of curiosity.
Configuration and deployment was easy peesy.
Site is up and running, BUT
Real challenge is, customize it according to clients requirement.
I purchased paid theme as well. It has theme builders installed to.

But I couldn't make it according to client requirements.

I neither found any resource where I could learn WP site customization.

What I'm doing wrong?

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    Using WordPress !!
    If you can't find something you can create it, it may take time depending upon requirements but you can do anything without limitations.
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    You should check it webflow. It’s pretty great!
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    Thank you everyone for replies 😊
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    May I know some of those requirements? If it was something I have done before, I can share you few tips.
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    @mrlinnth Yes! That'd be great.
    Should I share screenshots here?
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    @khateeb321 if your screenshots is related to the requirements, sure 😁
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    @mrlinnth okay, I'll start with simplest requirement
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    this is the theme I purchased.


    This is what my clients view looks like when I tried to make them similar


    I hope you got the point :D
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    @rapidslug Yes it is Visual Composer. And yes, I tried to loading demo content, I faced 2 issue afterwards.

    1) Too making freaking pages and data which I don't need. Deleting takes forever,

    2) After loading data, when I tried little customization, it messed up!
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    @khateeb321 Ok got your points. I usually try the following work-flow when I have to customize/use a ready made theme.

    1) create 2 websites, Site A; for your client, Site B; for the theme itself

    2) as @rapidslug suggested, imported a demo data into Site B

    3) read the theme's documentation (hope it has) and check how a page is set up from wp dashboard

    4) try to do that on Site A

    I always install and activate Wordpress Reset and Reveal Template plugins during development.
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    @khateeb321 and then about your theme. I am sure it will have custom post type included probably like "products" etc. For the home page, what are the available page templates that you can select? Some themes show related custom fields only after you select a correct template.

    If the theme is well-written, there should be a theme option page and most of the settings, you can update from there.
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    @mrlinnth thank you so much!
    I will try using the work-flow you mentioned. That seems legit!

    Shop is powered by WooCommerce
    And I'm sure I'll face issue in its configuration too.

    Can you give your 2 cents on WooCommerce configuration too?
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    @khateeb321 docs.woocommerce.com will help you a lot. As long as you are not customizing their functions, it shouldn't give you any big trouble. It should be simple and easy to use.

    BTW, from this thread, I got a feeling that you are taking a project a bit higher than your skills. No offense. Just be careful and expect to read and learn a lot, bro. It will be hard but not impossible. 😁

    Be careful when your client is pushing you. Always try to ask for 150% of your estimated timeline. For example, if you think you can finish it in 1 day, ask for 2 and a half day from client. 😳

    And please, whatever you do, do things properly instead of quick-fix. You will learn that there are a lot of hates for WordPress on devrant but the hate is actually not towards WP, it is towards the careless wp developers.
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    @mrlinnth haha, about skillset, I've 2 years of experience in development but on completely different platform.

    And that client is my friend, to whom I'm not charging.
    I just agreed on project so that I could learn and won't charge.

    Now is it right? 😊
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    @mrlinnth and about learning.
    Do read about my WordPress blog posts at
    And tell me if my learning methodology is wrong :)
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    @khateeb321 oh wow. Dude, why bother using that theme instead of writing one by your own. From your posts, I think you will learn without much trouble and know what to do in short time.

    Once you are familiar with template hierarchy, it gets much easier to develop a custom theme.


    I only use ready-made theme when client is stubbornly requested. It really is a pain to read the theme's documentation, learning steps etc etc. Especially when I know I will not be touching that theme in future, it is a waste of time to commit working on that theme.
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    @mrlinnth haha! Thank you for nice words :)

    And I tried making boilerplate theme from scratch just to let myself know how things work in WordPress.

    And why I'm not investing much time on WordPress and why I'm using ready-made theme is because I want to keep WordPress my side thing. Just to make and customize simple websites when time is short.

    I'm learning and investing time in other things instead :)

    Hope that make sense!
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    @rapidslug Thank you so much.
    It's very sweet of you :)

    And yes, I'll send you an email whenever I'll feel helpless :D

    Thanks again :)
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