Well Twitter is becoming spyware.

I mean, I get they want to fight against neonazis and co. but sadly there's no guarantee to believe they'll stop at only banning these people.

I'll probably add twitter to my uBlock filter...

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    @linuxxx might be interested in this
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    I love how you can post porn and represent ISIS on Twitter, but can't have a certain political opinion.

    Gotta love fighting for free speech with censorship. 😂👌
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    Twitter already has the SJW police (including the one that said all games are sexist), which bans people left and right, no news tbh.
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    Hosting a free speech platform is crazy hard work. How do you distinguish between legit hate speech and a difference of opinion? How do you do that without human intervention?
    Both YouTube and Twitter are really struggling on this and it's defenately not the simple black and white issue many people make it seem to be.

    Vox did a good piece on twitter recently, I encourage anyone who's interested to check it out on YouTube.
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