Have you bought or read more books in your life? I'm the latter. When it comes to IT books, I only read half, many times overlapping information

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    I used to be a big ass book worm as a kid. I loved reading fantasy shit and got placed first in the entire school rank.

    When it comes to IT books or any other technical books. Nope, couldn't read more than the first page because it wasn't as interesting. I preferred to learn IT and more by doing things myself instead.

    Also I am a visual learner I figured out over the years. I need images and videos. That's why I find it very efficient to watch YouTube videos or courses on LinkedIn learning to learn something new.

    Nowadays I read 0 books. Also no eBooks. I keep collecting them but not reading any of them lol
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    listened more then read and bought
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    Well, I've probably read more books than I bought considering how many books I read online without buying, I've also read a shit-ton of books as a kid, none of which *I* bought so that alone might cpver any possibilities of buying more than reading.

    Aaaand now I'm sad because I haven't read a book in a looooooong time
    (Excluding Uni books because those are non voluntary so it doesn't count)
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