what's your coding style?

I'm a doomsday survivalist

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    I write a make file for my repos, and they all have make format to style them however the project wants to be styled
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    It's on my channel. You can watch me code.
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    My style is to encode as much as possible of the business logic into the type system so that any kind of inconsistency or potential bug can be caught at compile time.

    You can’t have bugs due to wrong states if those states are impossible to compile.
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    @Lensflare is also a doomsday survivalist
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    @SidTheITGuy got me convinced, I'm watching one


    Gsus, dude! You're jacked!!! SidTheMuscleGuy o.O
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    @kobenz Thanks my guy, You gave me motivation to start gym once again.
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    Im "as long as it run" style
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    @novatomic is the where-am-i dev
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    I'm with @Lensflare but also I try to sneak extension points and caller-defined strategies into every unit exceeding around 700 statements, partially because I can't make piece with the thought that my product is temporary, partially because I hate editing code.
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