A recruiter emailed me.
And called me (and left a voicemail).
AND texted me.

About a job opportunity in California (I live in Texas).

That requires experience writing performance critical and thread-safe code in a large multi-threaded codebase (I work primarily in JavaScript/TypeScript ecosystem, fat chance of that).

Responsibilities listed as: Focus on Supercharger Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) software features. I don’t even know what the fuck that means.

Opportunity is for a 3 month contract.

Why are you so desperate, lady?

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    Did you move already?
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    @electrineer I think we have stale info.

    Find the darkweb guy and lets break his toes with ikea planks
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    This is your chance to let the cars concurrently charge and reach 100% in < a min
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    They obviously need a more event driven approach. The current codebase is a mess.
    You are the Supercharged hero they need.
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    Also not knowing about a protocol should not be like a big deal in your job hunt.



    Didn't know about it even though it was invented in my country (that fits about 16 times in Texas, so probably invented by my neighbour)
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    @hjk101 I’m not even looking for a job! I have a job! A full-time, fully-remote job! No idea why anyone would think I’d give it up for a three month contract in another state.
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    @Demolishun A far cry from Texas
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    I wish you could charge them somehow like have them pre-agree to things they have to keep so then their mistakes are actually costly to them

    but alas

    maybe like "if you sign up to my patreon I will have that interview with you" or something and hope they forget to turn off the subscription
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    Well you have the traits.

    JS is single-threaded. Cannot be more safe-thread then that :D
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