First you’re telling me my work always needs to be 1000% perfect and complete, next thing you’re saying everyone makes mistakes and you need the mistakes so you can learn from them.

I’m getting mixed signals here

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    Mistakes are acceptable when made by seniors and management. And it's taken as a "oopsy daisy i made a poo poo teehee" moment.
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    @SidTheITGuy No self respecting manager would ever admit that he made a mistake.
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    @Lensflare more like any manager, ever. Doesn't even have to be self-respecting.

    Managers are born with this trait of pointing fingers.
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    At $work we have a FLOP quota. Flops are bugs on prod. If we don’t hit our flop quota, we’re clearly not working fast enough. As the execs parrot, “move fast and break things!”

    My coworkers hit and exceed the quota, and they’re celebrated for it.

    If I release a bug, I’m chewed out for it. I’ve released two in five years, and one of them was not handling a botched config value set by one of my coworkers. 🤦🏻‍♀️
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    @Root your are kidding, right?
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    @Root wish i had FLOP quota in my job experiences.
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    @bad-practice You really don’t because it means everyone keeps fucking up, and you must deal with that. The code becomes poor and unreliable, and management pushes you to churn through tickets even more quickly.

    This significantly lowers everyone’s standards, and rewards incompetence and failure. Everything worsens. Devs can no longer pride themselves on quality nor skill. Your mental health tanks.

    The only people this benefits is the junior-level devs, and even then only by masking reality so they can believe they’re skilled and therefore feel better about themselves.

    Fuck this garbage.
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