Big boss: Last year we had much more revenue and profits than our expectations, and this success is thanks to all of you. Thank you! You made an excellent work! Impressive!
Some employee: Can we all get a raise?
Big boss: Wtf that question again? No way!

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    all in his own pocket. Screw all bosses! Fuckers
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    "if you don't give us raises we will view your success negatively, boss"
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    I don't know how it works in your country.

    I can tell you how it works in mine.

    Bootlickers gets far.

    Asking for raise will get you the same kind of answers your boss gave.

    Threatening to quit the job gets you a raise because they come to you asking "whYYyyyyY don't leaveeeee, let's discussssss".

    This is I've always seen the thing going.

    I got a lot of raises by threatening to leave.
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    This is why I no longer join quarterly town hall.

    Whatever good news they have may not trickle down to the employees.
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    Any tips how to "threatening to leave"?

    Did you just usually show them offers from other companies?
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    @IHateFrameworks this "negotiation by threats" is the dumbest shit ever. Its quite sad so many companies still play by it
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    @qwwerty unless the company is negotiating with rewards to you sounds like fair game

    if they don't like it maybe they should stop threatening people's careers / firing them to have them work overtime and other such nonsense

    principles apply broadly, and you can only be civilized with other equally civilized people
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    @cho-uc town halls are the worst, employee of the month is always someone who is not dev, sales guys saying they did a great job overselling the never ending technical debt to new clients, made a great decision to sell not needed features to the existing clients and spent too much hours because the stack itself is technical debt but packing all that shit into one shiny golden shit sentence.

    It all goes down to the profits and how management of the company is proud of THEIR work!

    Fuck this shit and burn it with fire!
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    Threatening to leave because i was starting to burn out on very shitty project led to situation where management actually offered me hefty raise if I stay on the project.

    I said salary is ok, I don't want a raise cause my mental health has no price. Said it to their face over video call. I am still sad that I didn't took a screenshot of their faces in that moment.

    I just wanted to get of the project where I was needed on 23 meetings per week (i calculated last 3 month's average, highest was 28).
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