Why THE FUCK does the StackOverflow Community answer any JS related question with a solution containing jQuery - sometimes even without mentioning it?

Gosh - it's 2017 use Vanilla or at least a modern libary!

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    From someday,
    JQuery == JS
    was accepted
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    This was one of the biggest hurdles for me to overcome when learning js. I'd try to use the jQuery shit and was always confused why I'd get syntax errors!
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    Well to be fair it is the easiest JS library to get into :P
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    And thanks to the many answers over the years, it’s sometimes difficult to search for a solution in plain JS without finding ten in jQuery 😂
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    I'd say it's a running joke,
    but they're actually quite serious... 😞😧
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    Unfortunately jquery has became hello world of JavaScript for web. Even today I see devs pulling whole unminified jquery to hide div on click... 🤯
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    Because modern jnr devs only ever learn bootshit and jCrap
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    @jAsE damn that is weird, those samples had never failed me :P
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    @jAsE Never had an issue with them. At this point jQuery for just questions is basically a meme
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    I only use jQuery for $('') so i normally do `const $ = document.querySelector;`
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