Fuck dependency hell.

That is all.

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    npm i dependencyhell
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    Yeah 😡
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    start writing fucking code and stop downloading shit from internet like a child that downloads games but plays only first 15 minutes
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    I am not going to rewrite aws or docker or the jvm or maven or gradle or any other foolishness that we created to make our jobs “easier”

    rofl. Yeah right! Easier!

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    @Grumpycat yeah because java is a problem or one fucking function you need from 100mb dependency that you can’t pull because you fucking corporate assholes have a policy that disallows that

    stop moaning and change job to more friendly
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    Hooray! module-info.java Because that is supposed to make it all better.

    But why is it not better?
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    @superdupernova depends is finite number
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    @superdupernova I shit my depends. Does that count?
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