Stop glorifying overwork and start prioritizing our well-being. After all, life's too short to spend it all at the office 🌟🏡

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    Exactly, complete 8 hours of work and go home unless they agree to pay double for overtime. However, such overwork should occur on an extremely rare basis.

    Moreover, don't assume any responsibility for which you are not compensated. These companies won't even consider your life when contemplating termination over something.
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    Preach brother!
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    That's assuming everyone finds work a pain in the arse. The office is a place where I get to spend all day doing the one thing I'm actually good at, and I don't get told off. Prioritising my well-being would probably involve setting up camp there.
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    You can’t stop me! I WILL fulfill my dream of creating more value for shareholders!
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    What life? What's it for? Can I eat it?
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    Made my day.

    > fulfill my dream of creating more value for shareholders!

    There is something funny and yet tragic about this sentence...
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    If you commited to a deadline you have to commit to the deadline. Even the junior at our office was still working after 10pm. My wife works from around 8am to 8pm.

    Im once again thinking of leaving early and i already know i’m probably gonna fail.
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