So I am trying to search for videos about using math and geometry to model physical objects. I am currently searching youtube. Almost every video they recommend is a short and not about the subject I want information about. This is the most unpleasant experience I have ever had on youtube. It is truly going to shit. This pushing shorts over real content is absurd. I don't want to be on the platform at all now. I don't want to see shorts at all if I could tell them that.

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    I've been sitting and refreshing a search I've done by "recency of upload" trying to find programming videos for something for weeks now (it will only show like 4-5 videos then do other nonsense)

    you literally can't search for anything

    it's shorts and the suggestions it gives me have nothing to do with what I'm looking for 90% of the time

    they said replacing YouTube would be so hard because of the vast amount of knowledge that's been uploaded on it but they've really goddamned shit the bed with this to the point where their only edge literally has been self-sabotaged by them.
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    @jestdotty I thought maybe the subject matter was too specific. But it sounds like this is a generalized problem. Thanks for sharing your experience.
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    I am getting much better content results it Bitchute.

    Bitchute has filters for shorts and long. I tried filter on youtube and I can choose 4 to 20 min or 20 min and longer. So I can avoid shorts on youtube now. Much better search.
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    welcome to the cyberpunk dystopia!
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    youtube revanced extended gives you a bunch of options to hide shorts. i live shorts free for quite some time now.
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