I can feel the grease and oil my body producing. I can somehow feel like im losing my hair and going bald due to extreme, enormous excessive stress of work and poverty

It feels like i am slowly but surely decomposing both physically and mentally. I have no vacation and cant afford any. I am rotting alive and a walking corpse

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    Is this a nextjs issue?
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    @donkulator corporate world issue
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    i got a solution for ya... kill yourself before anything goes south for ya.
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    and still your keep claiming that your health is fine and you don't need a doctor?
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    @tosensei i need mental doctor
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    You have now 5 months actual work experience? You got 30 to 40 more years of this.
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    @Demolishun how did you get to 5 months

    And yeah im not gonna make it for 40 years like this. This isnt for me most definitely. Either i will become wealthy or suicide any third option doesnt apply for my case
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    @Demolishun constantly getting overworked and underpaid while being disrespected for it... Is not my thing. Corporate world is full of bullshit and bullshit people itself
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    stay the course, you've got this
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