Which is the best book or resource to study analysis of algorithms ??need help guys 🙄

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    Rant reads ....... Need help guy
    Username reads.......need motivation

    Me ................ This guy truly needs help!!!
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    Hahahaha 😂😂
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    CLRS seems really good book.
    It has a permanent place at my room desk.
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    My uni's algoritm course was based on this book!
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    @okkimus that's really nice. I doubt my university faculties (excluding few who already left university) could even understand it.
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    @github permanent place, never move at all 😝 kidding
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    @mrlinnth by "permanent", I meant it literally. Nowadays, I am so busy, I don't even remember when I touched this book recently. It's more like an inspiration source sitting quietly in one corner of the table and whenever I am tired, this book enlightens me to get back to work from that corner.
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    CLRS is obviously a good book. You can try this book too. It concentrates more on how to develop algorithms and then its analysis.
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