At my IT security job(yeah, it sucks sometimes. I want a dev job but that's another story).

Needed to help some end users use and install a toolbar and get it to download through a proxy so they can edit stupid government online forms, which only supports IE 11. Obviously it didn't work.

It's 2017. What the fuck. Who the fuck uses fucking toolbars anymore.

How fucking retarded and out of touch with reality the government can be, when it forces its users to download a fucking toolbar(with admin priviliges!) and use fucking IE 11 just to access a basic feature of the website.

Another fucking proof that governments are cancer and we need Anarcho-capitalism ASAP.

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    We feel you. There are still few websites that runs only for IE. However there are few that runs on Chrome only. Really, I don't know what the fuck is going on.
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    I'll tell you what's going on.

    Webdev is fucking cancer. I hate every single thing about it.

    I hate using html/css/js. I hate that everything becomes a fucking web app. I hate the companies that push that agenda and kills normal programming, to the point that over 80% of devs are web devs.

    I hate the huge amount of stupid normies in webdev bootcamps who don't know shit about computers or programming and don't want to know, and learn webdev only for money.

    I hate that everything is converted into javascript.

    Fuck that. Fuck it all to hell.
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