Snowden doesn't fuck around

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    Oh my...

    Shots fired.
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    @lotd yeah that's how they killed the natives and the black folks
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    “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” - Churchill

    Sort of sums up why government is so shite.
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    @justasithlord sources cited? Anything? A mark of an opinion that shows you being correct?
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    Please...dont get too political on devRant...
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    @2nd2NULL sorry, they were discussing on something I don't quite remember right now and this happened 😅
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    @justasithlord don't be. Anything Snowden related deserves my ++ses

    Even if it's a picture of him taking a shit, I don't care
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    @2nd2NULL This isn't political. It's simply accurate.
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    Yo...I didnt meant the post...

    Also...be political as you want...

    FC Leftrightmiddle Olé Olé!
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    Killing and stealing and lying and forcing you to do what they want.

    Basically anything highwaymen are good at. There's little difference between them.
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    I'm not sure they are efficient about that either... $/death? Energy spent/death?

    Drone strikes aren't even ecological.
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    False. They want you dead. They wanted Bin Laden dead. Very inefficient processes. Stealing on the other hand...
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    They don't even kill efficiently. Look at middle East. So many innocent deaths. It's just horrifying!
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    Fuck government it's outdated we need something like
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