This is hilarious 😂🤣🤣

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    Do web devs even seriously test for IE anymore outside of the enterprise?
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    Well, babel & hope all the CSS works is all you do for "testing"
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    @starrynights89 Well I don't. I just display a friendly message that the user should switch to a better browser.
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    Still people likes to make fun of a 3 years old browser? It's like to shoot dead people
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    @dontbeevil it's like a horse that should be dead but is alive and we're still beating it.
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    @starrynights89 I don't even test for IE "inside the enterprise".

    When I descend into the dark pit of styling (as a backend dev), I use Firefox on my laptop.

    Before making a PR on our repo, I load up the branch in safari on an beaten-up iPhone 5, and in Android browser on an even older Motorola Defy (480p, Android 2.2).

    Not browser simulated, just real SHITTY phones. I figure if that works, it's good enough.
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    We try to, we run web components tester on a selenium grid to unit test our web components and due to polyfills and transpiling to archaic versions of JS it works.
    my team only runs into problems when the customer gets a shitty web agency to integrate the components into a webshop system and their customisations fuck with literally everything from event handling to rendering. then the agency will run an amplification attack on our team by claiming it's our fault without checking for their own bugs and we have to invest hours trying to prove it's their fault without proper debugging info or the unminified code.

    why can't we have nice things :(

    edit: we also do integration tests and run a lot of our own sites with the same components and never run into these problems on any browser that is officially supported by the WC polyfills
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    Didn't know IE is a countryman
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    @bittersweet As a JDBC backend dev I can understand the sentiment. I only test my stuff on Chromium or Firefox, if it works on Blink and Gecko it should be fine everywhere.
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    @starrynights89 Yeah and I've noticed that most stuff "not working" for our customers is more about broken media queries / mobile scaling than about actual browser differences.
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