I’m a junior developer on a very small team (4 devs total including me and the manager).

Because we are so small, we work in silos. We individually work on issues and rarely work together.

There is a more senior dev that I really would like to work more with. I feel there is a lot to learn from him because he has the experience and skill sets that I would like.

What’s the best way to work with him more? Should I just ask him? Or is it better to find a more indirect way?

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    I'd say just ask

    I think that would work best with me because otherwise I get confused and annoyed because I'm being bothered by things that don't make sense

    had an eastern European guy just ask / tell me if he could practice English with me and that was pretty chill. ended up friends for a while

    I think in my experience companies have some DMing service somewhere like slack and they make a tech channel and all the devs just post random tech news. I think that was mostly how I learned things, because I'd just research what popped up there and why people care about it
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    Ask if you can pair program a ticket with him
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    Stalk him, follow him to the toilet, stand next to him and ask what his hobbies are.
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    @d00td00t also ask his favorite color
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    “Because we are so small, we work in silos”

    Being silo’d isn’t a symptom of having a small team, it’s a symptom of having too many different projects to work on at once.
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    I’m with @LLAMS:

    ”Because we are so small, we work in silos” is one of the weirdest statements I’ve seen in a while.

    Also, a red flag tbh.
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    @retoor very subversive, but in a fun way.
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