rust can't even do rustfmt properly

it just does things unadvertised

like reorder_impl_lines which is described as putting type and const on top of files adds new lines between fn declarations and that's not disclosed anywhere. ffs took me a while to figure it out

and chain_width should be different for fn calls and match statements. because newlining multiple fn calls makes it readable, but newlining match statements and wrapping them in {} does not / makes it ugly. there is match_arm_blocks but it still newlines random stuff awkwardly, raaghh

I thought hey so cool I can write without caring about formatting and just press Ctrl + shift + i and all done but now I'm arguing with the formatter and the settings available suck and are poorly described. please don't write a formatting documentation with no examples, wtf? And disclose everything it does, preferably with consistent language so I can search the page (some of the descriptions say new line others call a new line a break. thanks)

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    for all the time, i'm coding in rust, i haven't used rustfmt once

    apparently for good reason 😂
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