Guys i got 1000++!!!

It's not that i'm special now.

Just more special than others.

Oh I remember the old times when devRant veterans like @linuxxx or @Alice posted their first rants and I welcomed them!

I even remember that night I gave @dfox the idea of creating this app! "That's stupid.", he said. "If this app should be succesful I owe you some special kind of duck we will produce for some reasons I don't know yet!", he said.

But for real now: Thanks everybody for being a part of this and for bringing me so much joy!

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    There should be a special thanks from everyone here too
    Me first...you have my gratitude

    So i assume you haven't gotten the ducks yet?
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    @Count Still waiting. But patience is key to succes.
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    @Andi patience is the key for getting special ducks
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    @Andi Tbh I don't even remember that anymore but then, my memory sucks anyways 😅
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    Holy moly. I was a bit frustrated when your comment sounded like you were older than me. Hahaha but now I gladly accepted that you are older than me and what you said was correct. 😳😁
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    @Count @linuxxx @ThatDude @CurseMeSlowly

    Would you be so kind and read my newest rant? It's specially addressed to you guys...

    So shameful...
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    @Andi 😑😑😑
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    @jAsE yeah but no account delete 😏
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