When you "fix" a bug not by actually fixing the bug but by disabling the user's ability to cause the bug.

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    More like frontend validation.
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    But isn't that actually fixing the bug?
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    This isn't hackerman 😒 Mr robot guy isn't even remotely as cool as hackerman 😒 pls email when fixed
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    Disable user's ability... I hope no killing is involved here.
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    @krazycavin hmm cutting of his hands would do too ...
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    Thats also fixing a bug! Not a workaround!
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    @krazycavin @theNox the users are me and my classmate, so I'd prefer not doing that 😶
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    hahaha... (this shit is way too real for me... brb going to commit sudoku)
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    @mzeffect so true! I hate it when people use this meme!!!
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    @karmak I meant symbolically ... 😋
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    I do this stopping the server.
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    90% of "fixes" I have to deal with. (mostly considered "long term solutions" for when restarting the application on the backend is too much work)
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    Christian Persch and the gnome terminal "Select all" scandal.

    He could have just renamed it to "Select visible portion" or remove the feature altogether, and it would have made no difference.
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    Christian Persch gnome-terminal epic fail
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