So apparently I'd been hired 2 emails ago, only because the email said "I've been told that you're starting with us in April" and not "you're hired" I didn't realize it. Extremely neurotypical behaviour.

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    lol they hired you and didn't tell you.. awkward
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    @jestdotty Well they didn't say the sentence "You're hired.", but they did say that I'll be starting there in April, I suspect that this is enough evidence for a healthy adult to conclude that they are hired.
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    "I've been told that you're starting with us in April"

    I would be asking if I was hired. That is just vague enough to be wishy washy and they could weasel out. You don't mess this up as you have to leave somewhere else. I would want something in writing. So no, this isn't a you problem. They need to be crystal clear here.
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    @Demolishun They can weasel out until we sign a contract, or fire me instantly with no explanation since I'm on probation. The fact is that an employee has no security until probation ends.
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    @lorentz yes, but they shouldn't cause you to quit your previous job with unclear communication. The previous job might not want you back.
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    Now imagine:
    I’ve been told you are no longer working with us.
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    @GiddyNaya I had the same thought :)

    "No, you are not fired, but I’ve been told that you will no longer work here."
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    @lorentz "you will be starting in April" is different from "I heard you will be starting in April"

    I would be concerned why they heard and you didn't and if such communication issues crop up often

    I mean could've just been a rare mistake. or could be communication issues throughout company. had a bad experience in a place where people didn't seem to know they had to tell you stuff, then would blame you for things they never told you... but that's just my paranoia talking
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    @Demolishun yeah actually, that's a really good point

    you generally sign a contract if you're starting... that stipulates hours, how much money you're getting... any NDAs which if you got those you can be sued for even your personal projects

    if something is not signed, red flag for a company trying to change the nature of the contract that was verbally agreed upon. if it's not documented it may as well not exist, legally speaking and even with internal company drama should that come up
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    @Lensflare we just "fixed the glitch".
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    guys, I've been unemployed since September. it doesn't matter if it's a red flag, they pay well above national average. if they want to hire me I'll take it.
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    If you however are hired and fired in your probation period that will likely have an impact on your benefits. Depending on where you live and labour laws.
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    They've hired you before you even received/accepted an offer?

    Prevent rape, say yes.
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    Maybe what they mean is “you can start working here, but we haven’t heard that they will pay any salary”

    Wouldn’t surprise me these days tbh
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    @dder we can work for free??

    Sounds more fun. I'm not sure how I will survive but sounds fun. :'D
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