Red flags in your first week of your software engineering job 🚩

You do the first few days not speaking to anyone.
You can't get into the building and no one turns up until mid day.
The receptionist thinks you're too well dressed to work in this building, thinks you're a spy and calls security on you.
You are eating alone during lunch time in the cafeteria
You have bring your own material for making coffee for yourself

When you try to read the onboarding docs and there aren't any.
You have to write the onboarding docs.

You don't have team mates.
When you ask another team how things are going and they just laugh and cry.😂😭

There's no computer for you, and not even an "it's delayed" excuse. They weren't expecting you.
Your are given a TI PC, because "that's all we have", even though there's no software for it, and it's not quite IBM compatible.
You don't have local admin rights on your computer.💀
You have to buy a laptop yourself to be able to do your job.

It's the end of the week and you still don't have your environment set up and running.
You look at the codebase and there are no automated tests.
You have to request access every time you need to install something through a company tool that looks like it was made in 2001.

Various tasks can only be performed by one single person and they are either out sick or on vacation.
You have to keep track of your time in 6 minute increments, assigned to projects you don't know, by project numbers everyone has memorised (and therefore aren't written down).
You have to fill in timesheets and it takes you 30 minutes each day to fill them in because the system is so clunky.🤮

Your first email is a phishing test from the IT department in another country and timezone, but it has useful information in it, like how to login to the VPN.
Your second email is not a phishing test, but has similar information as the first one. (You ignore it.)
Your name is spelled wrong in every system, in a different way. 2 departments decide that it's too much trouble, and they never fix the spelling as long as you work there. One of them fixes it after you leave, and annoys you for a month because you haven't filled out the customer survey.

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    First day of mine I didn’t even have a manager let alone a fucking laptop they were going to send me
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    Is that a real life experience? If yes, yikes.
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    I once was hired and when i started indeed did not have a pc. I had to start on a pc of someone who was out sick. Later i got an old knockoff. I kept begging for more memory until i had to leave the company again.
    Shitshow first class
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    It’s never to late to continue applying and pretend you’ve never had the unhappiness of stepping in this clusterfuck
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    I sat three days without a task while my manager avoided me. I had to talk to other guys and do some work. Fuck is wrong with some people.
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    Soldier, I didn't send you any phishing email! Those instructions were legit, and I expect you to follow them without questioning every darn thing! Now get your head in the game and follow orders!
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