Laughed more than I'd like to admit tbh

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    Actually, it would be quite hard to find C compiler that will not produce valid executable for that source (with some warnings and/or implicit behaviours). ;)
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    @IllSlapU I concur. I've never (in 30 years) ignored warnings, except few times that was intentionally because of known quirks of used compiler.
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    @Condor for me, if there is a warning using -Wall -Wextra -Werror, it doesn't work
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    There's a bug somewhere. This is the std output for printf("Hello WORLD, ASL PLS!?");
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    @IllSlapU all those shit you mentioned, doesn't matter......
    main(){ }
    Is correct also....
    C is white space insensitive
    So #include<stdio.h> works
    It is just that the output is a piece of crap
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    sad reacts only :(
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