When I go to bed, I power off my laptop instead of just closing the lid. I don't bring my phone with me. I don't have a smartwatch. I sleep with no electronic devices with me.

Anyone can solve a lot of their problems by conversing with themselves one on one. Instead, they prefer a feed algorithm taking away their pain. But the nature of pain-relieving addictions is that they always intensify the pain in the long run.

Listen to yourself. Speak to yourself quietly, one on one, without mark zuckerberg in your room listening to your every word. The overwhelming pain will be no more after mere minutes. Only then can you be free.

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    Take care of your health or your health takes care of you. ((:
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    I do the same, thou I read a book till sleep does us part
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    I power off laptop to make it rest. And i make smartphones silent. But i still read A LOT on my ipad before going to bed. I have a blue light special glasses to help not ruining my melatonin tho.

    But u can converse with yourself anytime in your day. I always take pseudo-naps where i debate with self.
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