[Applies for RedHat OpenShift Beta on April]

this will be lit I said, since I was quite a bug reporter for Eclipse Che/Codenvy

[Took me until november to open up a ticket so they can take me in]

oooh shit this is lit

[Starts an Eclipse Che Workspace]

huh, why isn't it provisioning?

[inb4 OpenShift devs says its both a OSIO infra issue and a known bug in the OpenShift panel]


[Makes it work using workaround]

Woo this is gon-

[Haha no, Too Many tedirects for you]


Conclusion: Openshift.io is a lit platform, it just happened to be very VERY beta.

I like the kubernetes "pods" tho

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    Something about debugging a beta platform 😍 you go girl.

    That moment I realised I’m not a millennial and have no idea what half that was 😂
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    Ok It's official. I'm old.

    I'm having trouble following the slang "these kids" are using nowadays.
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