Wtf is wrong with stackoverflow I asked a question I get it’s not easy to understand it to answer

But your instead trying to fix my grammar and punctuation! Wtf! It’s 100% readable

People on stackoverflow are obnoxious dicks

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    Yeah its a toxic environment.
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    Give us the link and we'll give it the DevRant assessment!
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    Proper grammar and punctuation is important to get a point across. If someone doesn't know how to answer your question, but fixes your grammar, you should probably say "thanks" instead of pissing on them on another message board.

    The most frequent problem with questions is that only the person asking them understands what they're asking.
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    @AndSoWeCode more people went to edit it to change an a to an A then they did comment

    There weren’t whole sentences that needed changing as I can write relatively correctly it was grammar corrections like added an apostrophe

    Thing is I’m writing for efficiency nothing else hitting the other side of the keyboard slows you down I’d rather go and fix the problem I’m facing then making sure someone’s ocd or trolls feel better

    Truthfully these kind of people are just cunts. If you actually have an ocd and not a fake one fair enough. Otherwise they’re cunts
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    @AndSoWeCode @coolq @Fliegenpilz @Codex404 here’s the link


    Maybe they want more information ... but I think it’s pretty clear I know it’s not the code in the other file that’s the issue it’s the connection timeout I just dunno where to look
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    @FitzSuperUser dude, it doesn't matter, and you should be thankful for making your question more readable.
    They are not obligated to comment or answer, especially when they simply can't. Maybe your question is too vague, or too specific for them, or too hard, or whatever. It's not a crime to not know an answer, and it certainly is not a crime to help make the question more appealing to people who might know the answer.

    What I don't get is WHY, instead of being glad that you get any attention with that question, from people WHO ARE SPENDING THEIR OWN TIME trying to help you in any way they can, you are accusing them.
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    @FitzSuperUser as I suspected, the question is incredibly vague, and hardly contains any sentences.

    I, for instance, didn't understand what's working and what's not, and what you're trying to do.

    A file works? How can a file work?

    Can you describe the exact steps that are working, and the exact steps that are not, so that people would get a complete picture?

    It's funny how every time people complain about "oh stack overflow is so bad" while at the same time not providing even the basis of an intelligible question, that a person who has no idea about what you're trying to do, would understand.
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    Wtf you on about the file works meaning it doesn’t show any errors. I literally say it outputs and that when I go to my browser it times out

    That is not complicated to understand it works in one situation and n lot completely in the other I.e it times out I’m asking what that could be as I changed settings on the server with no effect
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    @FitzSuperUser dude, it's not me, it's you.
    Did you explain the steps you made? Just think about it: can any other developer replicate even part of this on their own machine?

    What are we supposed to do? GUESS? Should I pull out my crystal ball and summon the spirits for guidance?

    That's not how it works. You want help, you start describing WHAT you run, HOW you run, WHAT you get, and WHAT you need to get instead.

    Not this vague "works but doesn't work in the browser" - well where the fuck did you check it then?
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    @gitpurge I'm sorry, I tend to be expressive with language.

    @FitzSuperUser I didn't mean it as a personal attack or anything. I was writing that with a smile on my face and a beer in my third hand. But my points are still valid.
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    @AndSoWeCode is this clearer ? https://stackoverflow.com/questions... though truthfully if I knew the answer and someone posted what I posted previously I would of understood what they are asking or asked for specific information
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    Fuck whatever anyone else says dude, stackoverflow is full of trolling cunts who like the smell of their own arse holes, and lucky for them it's located where a mouth might be because they chat so much shit and don't try to be helpful. (Most).
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    @AndSoWeCode @gitpurge don’t worry I wouldn’t get offended or upset I’m not that kind of person

    The issue is like On what I just posted people are going to think max execution time but it’s not that for sure I’ve already gone through the obvious stuff

    The problem is my code is super complex in this script there’s no way anyone else could follow it unless I fully commented it but it’s going to hook into the AI I’m building so I don’t want to reveal the code for it really.

    I understand that with most people you would think it is some simple fix and it might be I don’t naturally code in php so I might of missed something but it doesn’t commonly happen to me
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    @FitzSuperUser here's the thing:
    You make your own analysis and conclude that it's this part of the code that's failing (even though it looks right), and you post a question on a Q&A site that sounds like this:

    "Why is 1+2 different from 3".

    I mean surely, the way you describe it, it's an impossible situation.

    Are you sure about your conclusion? Are you absolutely positive that in the end you have this exact case that is causing the issue you're facing?
    Why are you so sure? Wouldn't you rather let other people judge it?

    That's why, there is a rule (maybe unwritten), that you should post the code in its most fullest way possible that is at the same time readable. In your case, that would be creating a simplified version that works with dummy data, that can reproduce the error.

    That way, you can let other people replicate the issue and come up with an answer.
    If you can't replicate it in your smaller code, work your way up and find out what exactly you are adding that makes it break
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    @FitzSuperUser ...... this way you often answer your own question - by just making it readable, possible to replicate.
    If I had a dime for every time I had solved my problem by simply starting to formulate a good question on Stackoverflow, I'd have enough for a nice dinner at a restaurant.
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    @AndSoWeCode I’m pretty confident it’s just some setting in php.ini I’m overlooking if it was an actual error in the code php generally stops in its tracks and outputs an error

    It entirely looks like some limit somewhere is reached this is again made more than obvious by no error as it’s expected behaviour

    Which is why I don’t think you’d be able to replicate it in code it’s my server somehow...
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    servers can be replicated too. If you think it's the limits, post the limit-related settings and the code that executes that modifies those limits.

    You have stated in the question that you have modified the limits, but that line is present only in 1 file. Which means that you have not posted the relevant code.
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    @time2code @AndSoWeCode truthfully here’s what I thought would happen, something would click with someone else and they’d just go oh it’s that. I don’t expect it to be some massive detective investigation into what would then be a bug

    Infact all I’m asking really is what limitations there might be in php that I might need to increase that I haven’t already based on that information

    I have no issue if you don’t answer the question I have issue that instead of asking for the info you think you need you correct grammar that doesn’t actually improve the question
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    @FitzSuperUser " that doesn’t actually improve the question" - that's what you think, but you're wrong.

    Wrong grammar makes the question harder to read and understand. That small thing was a favor to you, that would actually boost the chances that you would get an answer.

    StackOverflow is a place where you either go full in, or not at all. Because when you write a question, 30 people read it, spend time investigating, trying to answer.
    So if you're not ready to write a proper question, and proceed with it until you get an answer, then don't even bother asking. If your time is not worth spending on a question, then asking people to read it is quite a lot.
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    If a colleague approaches me with a vague question and random non-connected words, I'd spend an hour explaining to him how to ask proper questions.

    If somebody asks me like that online I don't give a fuck.

    You're wasting my time
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    Re Grammar: grammar is the syntax of your language. As a dev you should know of the importance of grammar. Humans are more forgiving than computers but you shouldn't stretch it.
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    @Huuugo true, but some people are auto didact English. So some errors can be understandable, but the difference between there their and they're are corrected so many times one shouldn't make them.
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    @Huuugo truthfully if you did that to me in my company I’d tell you to fuck off
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    @FitzSuperUser no offense buddy, but who the hell do you think you are?
    Why would you think that anyone ows you anything and why are you disrespecting those that offer to help?
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    @AndSoWeCode it’s your guys approach I have issue with.

    You ask me questions fair enough I’m not clear but you don’t tell me what you need to work with instead you want to see my code? You don’t need it.

    I was simply asking what limits there are that I might not of thought of. But your guys attitude is to get arsey cause I didn’t ask the way you want to be asked the first time round? And if your way to deal with me I’d like that other person said to lecture me for an hour on how to ask questions. Then your out of your mind.
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    @FitzSuperUser "you want to see my code? You don’t need it. " - ummm, YES we do. If you want an answer, give us the information, instead of sending us where YOU might think the issue is. You had your chance, and didn't produce an answer. By asking, you admit that you don't know.

    How, if you don't know, are you able to exclude the code as the issue? Most of the times it's in the code.

    If you're asking for settings, then please, RTFM. If you're asking for help, then please get off your high horse and start behaving like a decent human being.
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