My worst developer sin is probably me talking sh*t about programs I could never have done better myself.

"Omg, this is so inefficent!"
"Omg, the ui is so confusing!"
"What kind of idiot would do that?"

...I'm not the only one who does that, am I?

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    I very much doubt you're the only one.
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    No, you're not the only one. I can attest to that. 😌
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    @JonnyCodewalker exactly. 👍👍 I like your spirit. 😂
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    I'm working in an application management team where we handle our company's and third party software. I've seen things. I feel with you.
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    I'll confess to that one... Looking at something and going "I'm just gonna fucking rewrite this" was an old habit.

    Now any criticism usually comes with caveats, like "in their timeframe with their loose as fuck requirements"
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    I have been on the receiving end of this far too much to know not to do it.
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    Tbh, I do the same with xCode that ide is horribly slow, and I hate working on it because I have too....
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    slightly worse than receiving shit for code you didn't write yourself but it's included in your PR
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    @ventrix than just tag the dev who wrote it to ask if he cares to comment xD
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    I do it regularly. Mainly because I know that if I had the sourcecode and two weeks time I would have solved it.
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