Sometimes, a gluss of wiski and some night coding on a new project is all you need

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    agreed :) your laptop looks really similar to the one I use for coding, mine just has a white keyboard. tbh I think black keyboards are better.
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    Asus UX 501?
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    Asus N76VJ 17 inch..too big too havy.. next one will be deffinatlly 15 inch. Also spiled some water on the keyboard back in the days so this is not the original one, have no backlighting and feels funny.
    All and all its time for a new one :)
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    @darthy ouch, gotta be careful next time
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    coding at the Balmer peak?
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    @toyonut haha missed it by 0.05 :D
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    From now on I'll always call it a gluss of wiski. 👌
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