I have gotten some ridiculous rejections to my job applications recently - some of them were quite nit-picking gatekeeper sort of answers to the assignments like "oh you haven't used aria-label in a proper way" or "oh your error messages were not clear enough".

Then I see the same positions being open still after 5 months. This happened 4 times in a row. What is going on? Why do companies place job ads and waste time interviewing people, if they don't want to hire anybody? Am I missing something here? 🤔

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    Additional info: 7 years experience, so going for mid-senior/senior type of jobs
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    Because they want that person, that white raven, that unicorn of a human being, that can do everything as there expect it to be without questioning or understanding at all.

    Just keep at it, you'll land something soon enough.

    Good luck to you.
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    Some companies will advertise jobs to show they are growing when they are not. To fudge numbers somewhere. Not sure if they would actually do interviews though.
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    I ran into that

    I think the person who interviewed me was insane

    evidently I got rejected because of code formatting. I said if you have a style guide I could just follow it?

    how am I supposed to guess something so random

    guy couldn't write numbered lists properly in emails to me though, and and his movement was stiff with small pupils in his eyes, so I think he was literally nuts. then he began insulting me unprompted, and I half-wondered if I should contact their CEO and forward the emails
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    easiest and most obvious answer in the world

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    This code-feedback: what kind of project was it?

    a) An assignment you did specifically for this job interview?

    b) You sent them a project you worked on before, or your GItHub profile or something like that

    My opinion:

    * For job interview assignments I am very tolerant of mistakes

    * If a candidate sends me their entire GitHub profile with a dozen hobby projects that do not matter I am also very tolerant of mistakes

    * But if a candidate sent me a specific project and it seems this was the work they are most proud of and wanna highlight and have worked on semi professionally...I would be alarmed if the first thing I see is obvious mistakes. A few slip ups is fine but if it seems they misunderstood an entire concept and the code is littered with mistakes I'd be worried.
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    @jiraTicket no, it's the specific assignments they give, not my personal projects on Github
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    Same here, but eventually found company that seems normal, we'll see in couple of months.

    I still wonder about those companies that are searching for unicorns for more than 6 months.

    I actually tried at some of them multiple times, like applied every 2 months, but seems they are searching for shiny ones and the positions are still opened.

    Fuck them!
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    @devJs bet they don't even pay unicorn prices, pfft
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    @jestdotty something like: can you do frontend magic with a touch of backend and some automated pipelines, knowledge of writing and optimizing sql cubes desirable. We pay peanuts but we don't want to talk about elephant in the room!
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    The magic unicorn everyone is looking for. 10 years of experience and at least 5 with angular react and vue. Also please be able to write apis setup wordpress, write sql and do some ux/ui on the side. We’ll pay you $2500 deal?
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    @jestdotty if you are unicorn, and they are some kind of magical horse, why would you need a freaking car???
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