holy shit I swear taxes are like the government trying to tell you you're a peasant to them

my medicare card is about to expire and FOR SOME REASON now the process to renew is a fucking interrogation about various documentation the government has given you. before it was just your damned name, date of birth, and a new photo for the card.

evidently they were supposed to send you snail mail 3 months before expiration. evidently also the only way to renew is get this said snail mail.
and evidently I have to go through this "catchall" change your address with everything in the government process
which is a little ironic
to use this service you need to give them something called a notice of assessment, which is when the government accepts your taxes they send you back one of those
well I haven't had access to my tax portal for years. I keep filing them and getting excess money back but I can't actually see any of my returns.
so I tried this time
12 pages of verification and more verification... you do one step, it says wrong info because if you have to write in 2,474 well turns out the , fucks it up and your info doesn't match what's on file and if you fail more than 3 times you'll be locked out. repeat. page after page. how many fucking pages are there? what format are they expecting? nobody fucking knows. you'll get to find out if you pass just this one more!
after about 4 hours of this shit
and they have 2 factor authorization now?! wtf.

then this next step is id verification or we snail mail you a code (WHICH AGAIN IS IRONIC)

I chose id. health card doesn't count, it notifies me later. thankfully I have a passport. bad news, passport expires this September so guess who is gonna be having more fun later
the app of course can't use my camera in the browser I have, so I start downloading fucking other browsers and finally hit one that works
also they lied. they also want a selfie. then it tells me I failed to look like myself. if you fail to look like yourself 3 times you are denied.

ok. so I try snail mail. the page says if I revoke consent to id I can go do the snail mailed code. they lied. if you revoke consent it exits the whole wizard. you enter all the verification steps again.

I try to get them to snail mail me the code. they want some basic info they asked me like 16 times now, and a postal code. ironic. well this is the tax people, so by this point I found all my previous sent in tax returns (though I can't access the government's replies). checked. yep. address all the same. put in the postal code. nope. somehow it's wrong. 3 times I put all this random info in in different ways. 5 times and I'm locked out.

now fucking what.


the government just fucking dunks on you

guess we're all not having fucking medical cards anymore. all we do is pay taxes, and can't even see the paperwork to those taxes we pay.

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    Noooo comment! You’re convincing me more that Canada is run by retards
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    Well hey, at least you arent in my situations... like during the height of covid bs they sent my car registration stuff to *not me* so when i contacted to manually renew they told me to go online. Online way required some code from the snail mail registration they didn't send me causing the issue. I call again. I'm told that if i know my VIN number i can go to a self-help kiosk (like a Secretary of State ver of an ATM) and give me 2 addresses... both no longer had a working machine. Then I'm told i need to make an appt and go to a physical SoS branch. Even if the appointments weren't all over 2mo out, well past invalid car registration dates... so technically, legally, i wouldn't be able to drive there. Plus there's the whole issue with being handicapped with a condition that randomly flares up and having immune issues... vs cramped SoS office in covid spikes.

    The IRS also hates me and audits often. I do get the amusement of their frustration at the recurring positive(to me) outcome.
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    @jestdotty you should join Kiki’s Antarctic expedition! Youre both east European so cold shouldn’t be an issue lol. I need somewhat warm with lots of humidity so that’s out of the question, I make my place a sauna deliberately during summer

    Seriously I always thought Canada was the “more polite” version of the US where they have better schools, better syrup, and better grizzly bears. Well ok the latter two are more likely. lol
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    @jestdotty u puttin on weight (fat)?
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    @jestdotty u lack muscle, probably from whatever health issue ur going thru. So a slice of bread will feel like a walrus in your gut. Was gonna say lift weights but you’re training your ass off.
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    @jestdotty that sounds decent, probably a hormone issue in you.

    I don’t know why but my fitness skyrockets during spring. Workouts that wiped me out in winter feel alot easier and I don’t see much change in other params.

    Maybe the warm weather, u should move to the US where it’s a bit warmer and more to the south, depending where u are in that maple flagged cesspool lol. Canada sounds like a living hell

    Damn I feel like I gained a bit. I ate a ton of potatoes this week with my breakfast eggs and cheese blend
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    @jestdotty weed helps appetite and a bit with inflammation. Shrooms apparently help a lot with inflammation (recent discovery), but im not sure shrooms would be great for you specifically.
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    @jestdotty I used to LOVE weights, had ridiculous leg and core strength in college, squatted almost 2.5x my bodyweight with just a belt, used cardio steppers to make sure I hit depth (parallel) so I don’t do half squats and look ridiculous. I hit 1.7x my bw going all the way down until I couldnt anatomically get any lower (they call it ass to grass) paused for a couple secs and shot right up, just flimsy gym shorts no special belts or wraps.

    But my cardio is the weakest link. If I don’t do it enough I start puffing like a choo choo train
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    @jestdotty oh yeah u mentioned creatine, that stuff did wonders on me as well. I used to take a lot of creatine back in the day lol, my pre workout mix was that plus nitric oxide and rockstar or Red Bull. I’m lucky to still have a heart. I would then get really lightheaded after a workout and wait until it’s safe to drive lol
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    @jestdotty I’m weird, I’m built more like a lobster. REALLY Strong shoulders hips and core, but not as much meat in the limbs. Except for the calves for some reason. You ever eat one of those big large New England lobsters with side rice + butter and while mutilating the creature you were kinda disappointed with the lack of meat in the limbs lol.

    Weird, I was under the impression lightheadedness is from the brain screaming for oxygen
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    @jestdotty Indica made me less jittery and I felt it more in my body when I used to do that stuff, it was much more rewarding, but all ambition went down the drain and leaving the couch was like asking me to run a marathon with an elephant on my back. These days liquor is enough for me lol

    The head highs were the WORST, I used to be scared of street lights driving home at night, they looked so weird and creepy. I had numerous panic attacks from the heady stuff, and my heart raced so bad I thought I was going to have a heart attack which fed into my fears. Everything was frightening!
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    @jestdotty ur not calling me boring right?
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    @jestdotty ah ok! You meant square as in body type! My bad, sorry for the alcohol fueled hostility. I completely forgive you
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    @jestdotty very sorry 😢 I hate it when I lash out, fuck. I’m on zzquil and vodka, I’m not this way always
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    @jestdotty fuck zzquil destroying my brain! ADHD coupled with GAD is such a cursed combo, I get the fluid creativity with ADHD which is a plus and the catastrophic thinking with anxiety so if we combine the two I’m left creatively thinking of lots of bad scenarios when I try to catch zzz’s
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    @TeachMeCode I did not know you were lashing out lmao
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