i found text messages of my gf cheat on me 20 minutes before i start work today and the whole day i am mentally paralyzed, stunned, confused, lost, flabbergasted, and completely at loss of words. almost couldnt focus on work at all

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    Betrayel is the worst. Switch to your other hand
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    Fuck man, that sucks...

    But eventually that heartbreak will pass. There is probably someone out there that fits your kind of crazy and yes that includes your massive shitting skills.
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    I think there's a guy on here, Dave the Wizard or something like that, who can sort you out.
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    Maybe she read how you depicted her on devanf for years as brainleas fuck machine before.
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    Why were you going through her phone?
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    @jeeper gut feeling that something was off and turned out that i was right
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    @jestdotty youre right.... And thank God i didn't give her a loan. Never will i ever pay 1 penny for a fucking whore. Only good normal girls deserve and have privilege that i pay for them
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    @b2plane maybe not investing 100% is the cause of her cheating. You invested 50%, you get 50%. Especially in trust factor. What will you do now?
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    @horus tbh, he was always quite proud on her. I wouldn't mind in her case 😂
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    Fuck her and move on to the next victim. You are a god.
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