Currently trying to make newer C++11 code run on a gcc 4.8 compiler. Also making Qt 5 code run on Qt 4.8. Enabling experimental flags on gcc like std=c++1y and turning on flags to turn off complaints about pre c++11 code. Have my cake and eat it too. My favorite so far it to create a proxy object so I can connect lambdas to Qt signals. This is supported in Qt 5, but not Qt 4. I feel like I am traveling back in time to when stuff was shittier standards wise.

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    Why can't you update the tool chain and libs?
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    @lungdart its an older embedded system with limited space. We talked about this, but we were unsure how much flash it would eat up to add more libraries to the system. They avoided updating the system due to framebuffer incompatibilities with Qt5. That is why it is Qt4. I don't know if this will be the final version of this. Right now I am seeing if it can be done. Barring compiler bugs it "should" work.

    I did look at maybe getting a newer compiler. But I have not found if gcc 4.8 code will work with gcc 5 code ABI wise. This would require more research I think. Regardless we are stuck with Qt 4 for the main system. My code is a separate executable so may have more options.
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    Me meanwhile fucking with compiler setup trying to get the latest and greatest c++23 working
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    This post gave me indigestion
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    @atheist yeah, for new code we are shooting for c++20.
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