the singularity is gonna be some nonsense

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    When your toilet is smarter than the ass sitting on it. Society has peaked, welcome to our demise.

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    I give up
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    Am I really reading this shit? How can this be a thing? People say the world has gone insane. While I don't disagree it has actually become: insane, retarded, and creepy.

    Also, why are people adamant about mixing water with electronics? Seems like a recipe for disaster.
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    I give up
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    I can’t tell if this is real or fake anymore.
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    good thing the seat cover ie not locked behind a 2FA, or you would be taking a dump in your pants before the otp hits XD
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    "Chaps, we need to design a logo for the 'Purestream™ Enema Wash' function."

    "How about an arse with some water being squirted up it?"

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