Friend gave this self made "pocket advent calendar" to me (has 24 m&m's in it)

*me to her: aww thank you thats so sweet!
*OCD to me: but she could have aligned that numbers...
*me to me: and that's one more reason you're single

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    I would eat all of them in less than an hour 😇
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    My CDO :(
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    She like you!
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    That's not at all what OCD is but okay
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    @BitFlipped yes I'm well aware of that and I don't actually suffer from ocd - that's why I posted it as a joke. So please, no offense
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    @HelloUglyWorld that escalated quickly...
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    @HelloUglyWorld I wasn't trying to call you out or anything :) I was just shocked at the strength of your response. If it offended you, I can understand, but going straight for the shutdown when I didn't feel the op was malicious seemed a little strong haha :P
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    @owithg I made a post about OCD, then I came here with same mindset.

    I forgot the one, simplest rule to happiness - don't argue with people on the internet.
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    Take her on a date! Not just any girl would do this for you 😀
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    @BradSharp how do you know? ;)
    Nah, jokes aside - I know her since kindergarden, she has a boyfriend, long story short - not gonna happen and that's fine. But thank you anyway for your kind advice ;)
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    Looks better this way. This stuff aligned breaks character and makes it stiff + bland. Was indeed very kind and awesome.
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