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    rules are just there to comfort people that live under a power misbalance that they won't live under tyranny

    they're not real thiiings

    reminds me of the NDA a place gave that said anything I ever make belongs to them, off hours including
    if I sneeze it's theirs

    property rights, wheeee
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    I’m downloading last valid stackoverflow dumps right now xD
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    wow they ban you for changing/deleting your answers, wow
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    The “messing with the money for the C suite” rule. The most important of all.
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    What a shit show. *grabs popcorn*
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    They should simply delete their account rather than editing answers. The edit history is still there to view and scrape the data

    Banning is an asshole move no doubt but such people aren't mature either. It is a lose-lose situation overall. By the way, what good is going to come preventing AI from learning from their content? It has already learnt a lot and If not the stack exchange, OpenAI and others can already crawl multiples of versions of their cloned websites. Who knows? SO could already have a bot secretly querying GPT and posting answers anonymously
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