What the fuck is the edge™

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    Its when u edge ur meat
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    That guitar dude with the wooly hat.
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    Is it Adam Copeland?
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    Deliberately stopping when ur about to cum
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    Serious answer: it's closer to you then the cloud, basically a cdn with devices running in pops.
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    Serious answer:

    The Edge sits between the browser and your origin server

    Edge is often like a CDN (like Cloudflare, AWS, Akamai, Fastly)

    When browser requests your site - The Edge server responds first - ideally 90% of the requests can restult in a cached response where no traffic is even sent to your origin server, allowing you to have a very low server load despite millions of requests

    ”Edge computing” or ”Edge workers” would mean something unique like a username might be injected into a cached response - without needing to call your origin server
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