Today, I decided to learn build a c++ project using cmake. Since I've never done a big project in C++ I have no experience with these stuff.

Couple of hours for researching and trying to understand how that thing works, how to specify things, this and that. Wrote a small program for testing.
Everything was fine. Makefile was generated and program was worked.

Then.... Somehow, sublime text started to give me error messages like, 'the header file you included is not found.' I hit the makefile again, the built was successfull... I know that, need to add -I to compiler flag so that it can find the files. But in sublime text constantly refuses my 'possible' solutions.

Even ycm in vim does this. They expected me to write includes like '../thispkcg/include/header.h'

Where did i go wrong ..............

Btw it works like a charm in cLion I don't know why..

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