"Running the sample code is easy! Just git clone, make sure python, lua, gcc, docker and cuda are installed, and run ./install.sh. Easy!"

Me: Light 6 candles, sprinkle some thyme water with unicorn tears over my keyboard, start chanting an unholy hymn... shit... some compiler error from a library I've never heard of before.

Why can't these "interesting samples" come with easy pre-compiled binaries...

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    Cuda is really annoying to set up... 😖
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    @theCalcaholic Cuda, Torch, LUA, Python and Docker are like the five most evil things to use in a project.

    I mean, I know how useful these tools are, but they're the worst in terms of how much can go wrong during building.

    And this project requires all of them...
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    The following packages have unmet dependencies....
    Depends: ThatFuckingDep:i386 (>= 1.0.16) but it is not going to be installed.
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    They will never do. It think no sample has ever compiled without errors for me.

    But I think cuda was easy to setup. It just was a nightmare to find the right download.
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    @bittersweet I believe this is one of the issues docket is trying to fix. So the idea is you need to spend some time getting up and running with docker but after that you can share workspaces pretty easily.

    At least that is what it sounds like from developers that keep preaching it. It is still on my to learn list as of right now.

    But I agree with you. Trying to work with others and import their code is a pain.
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    @bittersweet Python is pretty easy in my experience (less so if you're on windows). But I agree about the rest (at least those I tried).

    Sounds like you're attempting something with machine learning though, it's that correct? :)
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    @theCalcaholic Yeah. Image recognition stuff. And after 4 hours of bitching I think I have the wrong version of libcudnn.
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    Also... Fuck Nvidia. You need to create an account, and subscription to their newsletter is mandatory if you want to download CUDA libraries.

    That shit is not OK.
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    @bittersweet I agree.

    I'm working with computer vision too, atm, so I know your pain. :)
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    @theCalcaholic And... now trying to compile some requirement called openblas for my system... which is written in Fortran and assembly.

    I will never make fun of fullstack Javascript kids again.
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    @bittersweet I know, right? Don't even try to get it to run on windows.

    Setting up blas on Linux is a dream compared to it.
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    @theCalcaholic on windows can't you use the "Windows 10 Subsystem for linux" to bypass that hassle?
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    @theCalcaholic Also, these nice errors... Thanks, Torch, I know you want more than 32GB, but I got addicted to expensive cognac while working with you so too bad.

    "Buy new RAM! at /tmp/luarocks_torch-scm-1-243/torch7/lib/TH/THGeneral.c:298"
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    @heyheni Not sure about that... It's super related, so it could be more difficult than that. But I'm not using windows 10 anyways, so - maybe? :)
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    @bittersweet XD

    Never used Torch, so I didn't have that pleasure. ^^
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    @theCalcaholic Mostly just playing with images after teaching it painting in expressionist styles.
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    nice! 🤩
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