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    Information is power.

    Also there's a random creepy guy in the background...
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    When the weird, rich kid told you to invest in bitcoin, but I was like, well I am not rich, and don't want to waste my money. He now has 200M$ worth of bitcoins. Sad story bro
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    @coolq that's Biff I guess 😎
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    After some more days they will again need to go back in past to stop themselves from buying Bitcoins :)
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    And since yesterday, actually should go back to sell them. Got to love cryptocurrencies..
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    Actually, my friend bought 2 bitcoins back in the day when it was only a couple bucks and he still has them... he is really lucky...
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    Right in the feels
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    Heheheh guys! Nowdays it's hard even to change BTC to EUR ((( Please help with finding good exchanger
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    @BitLick22 same men, crypt changers is a pain, big con of it.
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