We are using this book for a subject
"Open Source Technologies"
No wonder how my classmates are gonna learn Android programming from this book.
I'm grateful to myself that I learned it online.

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    Putting stuff like this in books is such bad practice and makes them useless very quickly. Some books so this well which keeps them relevant for many years. Some books from the 80s are still the best in their subject.
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    @kvsjxd Go with some online tutorial once you get the basics start with your own small small projects.
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    This seems one of those "as per University syllabus" textbooks...
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    Wow! The version remarks are about as bad as some apps change logs and about as long too.
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    Mumbai University?
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    @mab07 I feel you brother. Fellow MU not-yet-graduate-coz-mu-lost-my-papers here.
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