I've been working since 0700. It is now 2343 and we may have 90 more minutes. I'm going to be unpleasant tomorrow. Please send coffee.

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    Update: boss told me to sleep in late... I'm not sure he knows my definition of sleeping in late 😂
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    @Letmecode roughly noon. Maybe a bit later. Sometimes all day. Depends on my mood.
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    Uploading coffee...
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    @tvel ❤☕
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    Again? Cofee is on the way... saved you last time too
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    @runfrodorun that's in my office waiting for me because someone else broke their shit this morning so I didn't get to sleep in... I might have found a 10 pound bag for cheap on Amazon...
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    @FintinaM with this job, I'm starting too think there isn't enough coffee for my on call weeks. When I'm not on call, I'm functional, if not happy, without coffee. On call, coffee is a required and justified business expense so I don't do stupid things like try to spell expense with a q...
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    @runfrodorun when I run out, I will take a look at that. Thanks!!!
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    @qbasic16 thank you!!!!!!!!
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    @taylorviktorya From now on I will send you coffee on every rant.
    You are very strong! All your on-call rants make me feel like I'm a spoiled wimp... I wish you a job in the future, that will be much much less stressful.
    Keep your spirit up and keep letting steam out on devRant 😉
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    @qbasic16 oh, my dream job is even more on call because I'm going to be part of a law enforcement team as a digital forensic technician. Pedophiles aren't nice enough to only break the law during normal business hours.

    The difference there is I'll feel like I will have a bigger impact.
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    @Letmecode that'll work. I'm not actually an angry person, just don't like stupidity.
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    @Letmecode not too hard. Your tolerance for stupid is just at a different level 😂
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