Why TypeScript and Angular2 encourages you to link scripts directly from node_modules folder? What happens when you move the project to server(you know...the place that doesn't know about that folder). And how's the bundling gonna work?

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    angular and react?
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    @mort that's from the typescript page: Tutorials -> React & Webpack
    For angular it looks the same
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    och webpack, doesn't it build your html and js its own way for dist? (for prod) Im not sure cause backend dev here. So it doesnt matter if its nodemodules folder
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    @mort yeah Webpack can handle all of that, with a bit of config you get all the dependencies in your main file just using require('react')
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    Linking them in HTML when you also use a tool like Webpack is like https://66.media.tumblr.com/dc4c350...
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