I almost died crossing the street today.
I saw all the code i ever wrote pass before my eyes.

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    Same, but I only saw the good code I wrote. My vision was entirely clear.
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    anytime i look at my old code..i am like who the f*** wrote..wait a minute :(
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    @bondman this means you are improving or else you'd always see your code as the best thing written
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    @bondman that's why this is actually a rant 😂
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    @AlgoRythm lol me too!
    But it may be related to the fact i was thinking about my code when i was crossing the street with headphones and a coffee.
    I think the driver was also on his phone.
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    @ThatDude sometimes we make good choices in life 👍
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    That's so sweet
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    We rarely get that kind of problem here, probably because there are few places with pavements on the island, no where really sells coffee, and you rarely see traffic..

    I sometimes walk up and down the dozen or so paving stones outside my place and pretend I'm living in Suburbia and not a colony on Mars..

    Oh and with only one cell tower that works with only one provider, chances are anyone who does arrive here, won't be able to use their phone anyhow.

    Not unless they climb to the top of the nearest mountain and then you can only do voice calls and not data !

    Which isn't very useful when a site sends you an security login SMS and you have 10 minutes to go and retrieve it and get back..

    Maybe you should drive everywhere, it would be safer. :-)

    I can recommend a Volvo.
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    every odd line started with:
    // FIXME:...

    #rantEnhancement #thingsHeDidntSay

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    Did you finally find that missing semicolon?
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