Today it finally happend! I deleted Prod!
Accidentally connected to the wrong db to wipe it.

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    My first day in one job, the CEO gave me access to the prod db after I asked for a sandbox to do my db tests. Right before I clicked the confirm button to drop a table, I asked him “just checking but this is a development database right? Because I’m about to drop this table.” And he’s like “yeah please don’t do that”.
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    Congrats! You're now the chaos engineer
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    Find the person who gave you the creds and give them a slap.
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    welcome to the club!

    Now, where are these backups... Oh, the last backup is 2 months old? Oh well, better than nothing.
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    @netikras Backup was almost 8 months old... How long do we store historical data in the DB? One year...
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    @lungdart Who says i was not before 🐱🐱🐱
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    I hope it wasn’t that important and didn’t cause too much financial damage.
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    Welcome to the club
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    Been there…done that.

    In my case I felt like crap for a week, though time heals anything.
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    Back in the day, we had an email system which, when it encountered a given displayName/senderAddress pair in a message header for the first time, would associate that display name with that address for the rest of time.

    We were using noreply@ourdomain for some random internal tool, and we thought we'd give it a joke display name.

    Turns out all the photocopiers were using the same address, but always without a display name.

    So when we ran our tool, the shitty email server picked up our joke display name as the permanent, never to be changed display name for the noreply address.

    We realised several weeks later that every time someone used a photocopier to scan a document, they would get an email from a Mrs Chlamydia Balltickler and nobody could work out why.
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    Oh, yeah, I once recovered 80 gigs of db storage too - good times. It finally stopped randomly freezing.
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