really surprised Gatorade isn't sued because it actually basically has no electrolytes in it and it wouldn't rehydrate you

but it's known for it, it advertises it on the damned bottle
but it has no goddamned electrolytes (or rather the things we consider electrolytes when humans say you need more electrolytes)

because citric acid "can conduct electricity" it has electrolytes!

but you specifically need potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium 😒

they do have some sodium and a TEEEENY totally insignificant amount of potassium. and a SHITTON of instant sugar.

I impulse bought some on a sale because my blood pressure was so bad I was gonna drop at the hospital which were unhelpful twats, and it helped I think simply because I was in such such such a bad state (and the doctors just telling me I'm pregnant instead of checking me was pretty fucked up, too), but to restore balance to my body I need something else that doesn't give me fucking diabetes because it "rehydrates" wtf

and citric acid fuck who knows what happens to that. it has no potassium, magnesium, sodium, or calcium molecules in it. which I figured maybe it got decomposed into them but nada

I was at the pharmacy and spotted a bottle specifically claiming "electrolytes" right beside the pharmists and it similarly had no actual electrolytes and instead citric acid and a bunch of weird flavouring shit. how can these people sell this garbage. humanity is disgusting. they should be sued

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    but .... it's what plants crave!
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    And actual health companies (ones that improve your health) go out of business because companies like Coca Cola target them. Then fucking retards say shit like "pyramid scheme" and shit like that. THE WHOLE FUCKING CORPORATE SYSTEM IS A GODDAMN PYRAMID SCHEME! Designed to make every person in it die poor!

    All I know is my health significantly improved when I used some of these health products. I had allergies that just disappeared. The masses are fucking stupid as hell. They attack companies that are actually trying to make people healthy and support the companies that make you fat and ugly.
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    Gatorade still exists? I thought they banned it.
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    @jestdotty Really? Huh. I’m a little surprised, though I’m not sure why now that I give it a little thought.

    @Demolishun This. :/
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    you know what's great to hydrate?


    plain, simple water. (which, by the way, you can add citric acid to in order to increase absorption of the minerals it naturally contains.)

    also: imagine intentionally buying overhyped soda for HEALTH RELATED REASONS. smh...
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    @jestdotty Forget all that shit, you know what drinks *actually* has electrolites? Pickle Juice. Just drink pickle juice, it has sodium, it has potassium, it has magnesium.
    It does have considerably more sodium than magnesium or potassium tho(cuz salt). Preferebly the brine that was a mix of salt and vinegar, and not just 100% salt.
    It's also a probiotic while it's at it.
    Also just plain old cucumbers or the pickles themselves, they also have bunch minerals "readily available" just lying there.
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    @tosensei Well yes but also:
    Water is great for hydration but not rehudration, since when you sweat you loose a bunch of salts and minerals, and drinking just water dilutes your blood, so you need to supply those back.

    This of course only matters in the case where you sweat out a shit ton, like being a few hours in the sun and sweating buckets, or doing an intense workout. In other(more 'everyday') cases it's an insignificant difference.
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    @tosensei no then water won't hydrate you if you have electrolyte misbalance. you'll just pee it out immediately. which was my problem when I got sick. I would drink then 10 minutes later pee it all out. repeat. my vision was turning dark, so then I'd chug more water... and pee it out 10 minutes later again... repeat...

    there was a vaccine injured woman who got a headache and drank 500ml water bottle and died due to "water intoxication"

    inflammation messes with electrolytes, makes you expel them faster, so then your body can't do blood pressure

    I did eat tuna which is good but who wants to fucking eat so much tuna all the time, fuck
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    @jestdotty " to fucking eat so much tuna all the time" - tuna is delicious.

    but still - having _serious_ medical concerns and going to a fucking _soda_ as remedy, in my opinion, is a sign that there might be some deficits in the old "logic" department.
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    @jestdotty "can you stop assuming other people are inferior in strategy to you." - in your case, the correct term is not "assuming" but "deducing" ;)
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