From a slide that my professor created. Thank God it didn't create a fight in the class!

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    Alright let's start this... Studies have actually shown that programmers that use tabs instead of spaces are more productive!

    (Probably because of all the time you save not having to hit space a bunch of times)


    You're welcome.
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    @IDontGiveADuck doesn't have to hit the space if you use a good text editor / IDE
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    Agreed, way prefer tabs. My lecturerer said that I should use spaces, I said no and used tabs anyway. Ended up getting full marks nonetheless 👍
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    Who the fuck indents with three whitespaces?!
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    I use soft tabs so that I keep the visual fidelity of spaces but the efficiency of using tab.
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    @emyu10 -I- don't have to hit the space no matter what IDE or text editor I'm using. Because I use tabs. :)
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    @emyu10 @DLMousey and when you try to correct some indention you press backspace until you die?
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    @DLMousey Or I just use spaces like a normal human ;)

    But seriously though, the programming competitions I go to just use like... Notepad... There's no configuring there... No fancy things you can set up to make your life easier. And I don't want to waste what little time we have to code the answers hitting the space bar repeatedly instead of just hitting tab
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    @DLMousey what.
    I guess you mean newlines, line feed and carriage return.

    Space is 32 and tab is 09 in ascii, there is no question about who is who. And tabs can be rendered as wide as you want them.
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    @DLMousey you can setup git to ignore white space conflicts
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    @IDontGiveADuck something like that exists? Wtf..
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    @daintycode yeah! So that everyone can use their own preference of spaces and tabs :)

    I don't know how to set it up regularly but whatever you're using to resolve conflicts usually has it setup and you just choose it from a drop down and such... It's nice! :)
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    @Gatgeagent right? That's what bothered me the most.
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    I was a bit disappointed that the slide didn't start a fight in class. Well, at least it is doing it here 😜
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    @rc5-asdf no I'm saying you can't set it up so that when you hit the spacebar, it puts 3 or 4 spaces for you (on a few of them including the ones we used at our programming competitions we attended)
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    Is number 3 his lucky number?
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    @Gatgeagent right? and to get things worst, it seems that the slide says "four [spaces] is more resource consuming for the tool" (my imagination completed)! how about a tab which is only 1 char and you can configure its width to whatever you want?
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    @rc5-asdf Yep! And that's exactly why I don't really care about the tabs or spaces argument haha I just like to rattle people's chains ;) I think I've had to use the tab key like... Probably never since I got hired... Haha
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    That's a reason why I prefer using tabs: I can set my tab width to 3 or whatever I want and it won't affect to anybody else
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    Stop yapping, use spaces! Ever had to debug a yaml file? Like when you use Ansible. Tab characters will waste your time for finding them because yaml Doesn’t accepts tab characters.

    Just make hitting tap insert space characters, also makes sharing good formatted code on any software because tab characters can differ in size on different systems....

    You get the drift just use space characters because syntax errors.

    Else I will come and make you debug a big ansible playbook with hidden tab characters... without coffee!
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    @spongessuck @Gatgeagent

    I use three spaces. In Haskell.
    Four spaces in PHP and Rust.
    Two spaces in JS.
    Tabs in Go.

    Sometimes, three just feels right.
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    Tab/spaces is language dependent.
    E.g. spaces for Python.

    Same goes foor how many spaces
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    @purpletoxicrain now you are just crazy sir.
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    Just outta curiosity, did any of the space-guys actually tried tabs for at least a week?
    Because - i guess i can speak for everyone 😪 - we non-space guys probably all had some random file with spaces and were like.. well, lets ignore that and try it anyway..

    ..and got pissed as hell after like 2 hours of "oh for fucks sake, why the hell is this cursor there?"
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    This fucking argument again... Not even gonna bother.. Hi people, how are you? Good? Yeah me too, thanks.

    If you're tough enough to use spaces, ACTUALLY USE SPACES AND PRESS IT FOUR TIMES FOR EVERY Time I PRESS TAB!!! So you can prove you're serious about this fuckery!

    If you hide behind the shitfucked editor converting it for you, you don't have a fucking argument and never had!! Fuck this topic, man! Cheers.
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    @mzeffect i want a shirt w/ your conment.
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    Maybe he meant when writing essays, use spaces between words, and not tabs?
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    Good thing I have to use EWARM. It doesn't care if I use spaces or tabs when it's fucking up the indentation.
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    Anyone ever used ConText? That's a whole new definition of the tabs and spaces religions.😂
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    Why yes, always tabs
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    If you can't decide if you want to use spaces or tabs just use semicolons. Works just as well ;-)
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    Space over tab.. Because spacebar is closer and more easily accessible than tab..

    End of discussion
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    @bitsnpieces but smashing it 8 times takes MUCH longer than reaching 2cm with one of your fingers ;)

    Also, with tabs you can change the display width to your own preference.
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    If we could have it my way it'd would all be tabs.
    People are dumb though so just use soft tabs.
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