Regards to the American users which just got one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century crippled in the name of greed.

I hope you succeed to sue it into oblivion.

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    Something tells me it won't last. There's too many against it to last. There'll be dozens of lawsuits filed.

    Pornhub you ready to help us out fam?
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    I hope it won't last but with what's been going on with the USA in the past year...
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    @jhh2450 Let's hope you're right. It wouldn't surprise me if this would trigger change in other countries as well. This could provide other ISPs with an excuse they have been waiting for.
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    I honestly had hopes this presidency would smartly make gov’t smaller without throwing its citizens under the bus. But now I fee like we’re going towards the capitalist version of Soviet Russia.

    Whelp at least we have our guns still and can use them for what the 2nd Amendment really was written for.
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    @turturtles I doubt the guns are going anywhere. I guess we should start using them soon if this bullshit stands.
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    Idk if this is true, but here's this:

    Part 1
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    Part 2.

    Good job NC I'm proud of you
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    Are you talking about internet?
    It was invented in 20th century..
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    I know Americans are a bunch of assholes including myself
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    We already go crazy if the WiFi goes out. People will die
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