PM here. I'm having an interview with prospective junior devs next week. I want to make sure that they know a little and can learn a lot. Do you guys have any suggestions of how to ascertain that? I'm thinking simple programming exercises or something.

Again, it's not that important what they know today.

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    @obeq I like the approaching you’re taking with this.

    Maybe test for bad habits. Like if you asked them to build a simple html page and they in-lined the styles, you could tell their programming decision making is not sophisticated.
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    If you want to make sure, they are able to willing to learn, ask them how the learn.

    "We work with Framework XYZ here, how would you start learning this framework"

    bad answer:
    'Why do you not use Framework AAA, it's better' -> don't hire

    and depending on any other answer, dig deeper to understand his way of learning.

    There are

    practical learners "try out examples / complete tutorial",

    pragamtical learners "read the doc sections i need to solve the problem"

    and visual learners "see how other devs used the framework on source control/ watch video how other use it"
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    @kunashe Thanks!

    I really like that idea. Of course, I would expect them cheat a bit if I asked them to create something during a one hour time slot, but I can at least see if they comment on that. "I would have style sheets here, but..."
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    @tkdmatze That is a great breakdown, thanks! I haven't really considered those different ways of learning. I will definitely ask those questions.
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    Whats this?! Pm rant :/
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    Also try to gauge the general attitude to see if they're a good fit. Try to dissect their CV and ask for underlying motivation and reasons for each milestone they listed. They might have the chance to become a vital part of your team, so make sure they have a good vibe and personality beyond technical skills. Will pay off in the long run.
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    Didnt they already go through a technical test? If someone asks me to code during an interview i usually get up and leave.
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    @Phoenix99 Nice one! Not for this time, but I really like the thought of being able to see how they work in a team.
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    @BindView Yes, I really feel an interview is the wrong place and time to put someone through programming exercises, so a discussion might be better. Still it might be interesting to see how someone tackles a difficult problem, and what happens then. Do they ask for help? Do they go to SO? To be honest, I'm not sure what's the right thing to do here, but since I'm gonna be working with these guys it might be nice to see how they tackle a challenge.
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    @mzeffect Exactly! I'll definitely do that. Their resumes are on the short side, though, which is why I would like to have something more.
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    @karma As a former dev, I'm almost as upset as you are...
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    @schlenkibus This I love. I would never stop talking, myself.
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